Bright Marks Art Therapy is accepting new clients for individual art therapy only, and provides therapeutic support in person for clients living in Canberra, ACT, and the surrounding NSW regions. Art therapy services are also available virtually (via Telehealth).


What is art therapy?

Art therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapeutic support that combines counselling and psycho-education with creativity and reflection. While learning art techniques and experimenting with materials is often an important part of the process, an art therapy session is not an art class and artistic skill is not a requirement. The goal is rarely about finished art pieces for display purposes. Like psychology, psychotherapy and counselling, art therapy offers individuals an opportunity to address personal challenges (both psychological and physical), build self-awareness and confidence, understand and challenge unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns, support mental health and wellbeing, as well as being an catalyst for change. Anyone can benefit from art therapy regardless of creative experience.

Art therapists are mental health professionals skilled in psychotherapeutic approaches and creative practices. Art therapy can be particularly beneficial for people experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life and identity transitions, issues relating to disability or neurodiversity, struggles with relationships, work or school, and/or those seeking healing from trauma and abuse. Creative processes might include drawing, painting, sculpting, clay or printmaking to provide opportunities for exploration and expression of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, experimentation and play with art materials can be fun, and at other times an important outlet for difficult experiences.


Thank you for your gentle and genuine support...I am loving art therapy and, once into it, love playing with different methods/materials...but mostly I enjoy that you just let me be whatever I am on any given day. Kathy, 2024

Bright Marks Art Therapy began operating in Queanbeyan NSW in March 2022. Creative Arts Therapist Bridie Macgillicuddy has experience working with adults, teens and children in the hospital, community and private sectors. Bright Marks also provides art therapy for other mental health services in the ACT and surrounding NSW region, as well as developing opportunities for group programming, educational and support work for health professionals. Bridie is an unregistered provider for plan and self-managed NDIS participants, and proudly offers a discounted rate to private clients because a lack of public health funding should not be a barrier to accessing an evidence-based therapeutic service.

Bridie is also keen to discuss opportunities for contracted art therapy services, education, advocacy and explore collaborations with other health professionals. Please don't hesitate to reach out.